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map Sierra Exif JPEG Sierra Exif JPEGBig Boulder Lodge is located where the Manitowish River meets Boulder Lake. Big Boulder Lodge derives its name from its overlook of the landmark huge boulder, deposited at the juncture of the river and lake. It is a privately owned family property with a beautiful vista of Boulder Lake and a good stretch of the Manitowish River. Originally the residence of Herb Fields, who purchased an estate and transformed it in 1939 Jewish retreat vacation paradise, the Lodge has been lovingly restored to its early glory, with tastefully incorporated modern amenities to ensure your complete comfort and convenience.

Surrounding forests provided the cedar and pine, while lake and river shores offered up natural stone to build the lodge. Native workmen and Swedish craftsmen with a love for wood made Field’s dream a reality. At its peak, this resort was large, boasting 183 acres and offering guests entertainments from fishing to flying. It was so well-appointed for its time that the big city newspapers of Milwaukee and Chicago did feature write-ups singing the praises of Lodge and its entertainments, which were varied and many, including fishing, swimming, guided outings, archery, horses, boating, campfires and cookouts and hunting outdoors. Indoors guests were treated to a full bar, dining room and musical get-togethers.

Big Boulder Lodge sits on Boulder Lake. The lake covers 524 acres with a maximum depth of 23’ and is home to many different kinds of fish such as Musky, northern pike walleye, large and swmallmouth bass and panfish.

This area is steeped in history from the earliest Native American residents, to the trappers who coveted the luxurious pelts the area yields and the explorers who found easy access because of all the rivers and lakes, to loggers in the late 19th and early 20th century to the tourism of the mid-20th century til now.

Presidents and movie stars, as well as Chicago Mob luminaries all found respite on the lakes and in the company of guides and in the lodges of Boulder Junction over the years.Sierra Exif JPEG